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Why the 3rd and 4th Reich

Why the 3rd and 4th Reich
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Germany's Psychosis the 3rd & 4th Reich and

Hitler, Myth of the God / Man

Why Germans hated & still hate the Jews

Why did the Germans hate the Jews and want them out of Germany? It was no accident that the Germans came to hate the Jews... Or at least some Jews... Hitler was no exception... He had been a typical moderate before the war, so what changed?

Prior to the end of the 1st world war, Jews were generally despised because they weren't Christians, and because of Luther's antisemitic rantings. but where did this psychotic hatred come from ?

Jews were prominent in the liberal Wiemar government parties that sold out Germany in the Versailles treaty that caused starvation, hopelessness humiliation, and revolution...

The Wiemar Republic was hopeless, helpless and laid supine under the demands & extortion of the victorious British and French Imperial powers....

By the end of 1918, Germany had severe political and economic crisis... And many, like Hitler, were looking for someone to blame. Communists agitators, many led by Jewish liberals, led uprisings, protests, strikes that caused mass confusion in Germany, and in Russia led the Russian revolution.
In 1918 Marxist Jews led a revolution to seize total power in Germany, and in Austria, fueling a Communist and Jewish paranoia everywhere... November 17. 1918, Communists declared Bavaria a Soviet republic....These Jewish Marxists led a reign of terror against the German and Austrian people...

This led to total civil war in Germany, with thousands of Russian soldiers fighting for the German communists... .. Only the intervention of the German army saved the situation, crushing this Communist revolution and seeking out and killing all the Red Guards, Jewish insurrectionists, & merchants of death they could find...

Radical antisemitism naturally spread in Bavaria ; Munich with all Jews being blamed for the Marxist terror...

This antisemitic nationalism was the start of the Nazi party... Hitler started to become a rising political firebrand as a result...... The crisis in Germany created his political career...

In 1919 the Nazi party was founded with Hitler as one of its leaders...

By the end of 1919 the Russian Communist army was waging war on western nations, Poland in particular, ,,,,,further fueling Marxist and Jewish paranoia... Jewish liberals like Trotsky led this army... The horrific mass murders done by the communists in Russia and occupied lands further hardened the resolve of the German nationalists... ;That's not going to happen here;they said... sadly, some years later, it did... 2
So, it is not hard to see where this antisemitism came from... Hitler was a good speaker who voiced the anxieties of his fellow countrymen

Sadly, all Jews got painted with this paranoid brush, which led to their mass slaughter....

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Hitler, Myth of the God /Man 3

People thinking that Nazism was only a political movement are uniformed... The Nazis followed ancient meditation, yoga, seeking spirit guides, (demonic powers), channeling Hinduism's ascended masters (fallen angels)who gave them the supernatural ability to delude masses of people... All this is today called the “”New Age movement””... Seeking godhood in the same way as do the Hindus... Indeed, the Swastika is the most ancient and holy Hindu religious symbol... Even today, Hitler is revered in India as a Mahatma or holy man...

Hitler was totally posessed by these demonic masters... He would see the future in dreams and visions, and came to totally rely on them... When he gave speeches, he was channeling these great “ascended masters” who were in reality demons or fallen angels... Or in some instances, perhaps even Satan himself.... However, even Satan is often wrong, which caused Hitler to begin WW2 five years before Germany was ready for war...
The World Elite today follow many of the same occult practices re-enacting ancient pagan rituals... Their Bohemian Grove rituals of today are the worship of ancient pagan gods.

The Masons and Rosicrucian elite, uniting in the Golden Dawn society, also worship the same pagan deities and seeking out the same Ascended Masters (demonic spirits/ fallen angels) as did the Nazis

In the 19th century the elite European occult society was the Thule Geselschaft... This society melded into the Nazi Party in the early 20th century...

This Pagan Germany, purged of all non-Aryan blood, would establish a New World Order with Hitler as the New Age Messiah, an empire lasting 1000 years...

This Aryan blood mystique is totally of militant Hindu origin.

The Virl Society in India with its Swastika symbols has the same occult purpose, encouraging militant Hinduism and the cleansing of India from all outside religious pollution...

The leaders of the Virl society in Germany were Karl Haushofer and Dietrich Eckart who initiated Hitler and other Nazi elite into Theosophist Blavatsky”s secret doctrine.

Alice Baily expanded on this base of work. For the last generation, Occultist Benjamin Creme has been promoting this occult messiah myth at the United Nations with his pet messiah called Maitreya

Does all this sound familiar? It should ! All this is the basis of today's New Age Movement... Ancient Hindu paganism; Gurus who encourage people to seek out their own inner godhood...

As Jean- Michael Angebert noted ; Those who induced Germany to embrace the Swastika are not dead. They are still among us, just as they have been in every era, and doubtless will continue to be until the Apocalypse. National Socialism was for them but a means and Hitler was but an instrument That undertaking failed...What they (Demonic spirits / fallen angels) are now trying to do is to revive the Myth by other means...

Can we remember President George Bush calling for a New World Order that will undoubtedly be chaired by the 4th Reich's Antichrist ?

All this reminds me of:
Act 4:25 Who by the mouth of thy servant David hast said, Why did the heathen rage, and the people imagine vain things?
Act 4:26 The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Lord, and against his Christ.

More reading:
"Hitler's Cross" by Dr. Erwin Lutzer.

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