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January 2012
The Maratime museum is 
Building a Spanish   Galleon in San Diego.
Cabrillo's ship the San Salvador in which he discovered
San Diego and much of California.
Of course it wasnt really lost  :)

The Euterpe /
Star of India
Cared for by the San Diego
Maratime Museaum.
She was built Ise of Man, England
in 1863 and is the oldest Merchant
ship afloat, sails annually.
I took the pictures on the right in the 1990's

Launched in 1863, Euterpe  made 6 voyages from England to India and the Far East

In late 1871 she began twenty-five years of carrying passengers and freight in the New Zealand emigrant trade, each voyage going eastward around the world before returning to England. The fastest of her 21 passages to New Zealand took 100 days, the longest 143 days. She also made ports of call in Australia, California, and Chile.

In 1897, after 21 round-the-world trips, Euterpe was sold, first to Hawaiian owners, then in 1899 to the Pacific Colonial Ship Company of San Francisco, California and from 1898 to 1901 made four voyages between the Pacific Northwest, Australia and Hawaii carrying primarily lumber, coal and sugar. She was registered in the United States on October 30, 1900

She is now known as the "Star Of India"

She continued to decline untill finally restored in the mid 20th century. She is a grand old Lady. She had her hull replated years ago and is drydocked periodically, the latest in fall 09.  Much further restoration is now required and she will not sail again untill late fall 2010.   It takes over $100,000  to sail her for one day, mostly to pay for her insurance.    Since the Museaum will only put up a few of her pictures on their site, I decided to show some of my own of the Euterpe/ Star of India and other vessels of the museaum.

One quarter of the population of New Zealand
have ancestors who arrived on the Euterpe.





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