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Churchianity the great deception
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Is Churchianity the great Deception ?


Go to Church. Give to the starving orphans in Africa-or Detroit for that matter. Be a church that everyone can come to and be comfortable. Survey the community, find out what people want to hear and preach it. Be sensitive to peoples needs, wants, feelings fears. Pat them on the back, tell them what wonderful people they are, how important they are to GOD and His plan to remake the Earth as a nice, wonderful bright place.

Church leaders teaching ecuminism, how all churches and religions must get along, sit around the campfire singing cum-by-ya. Doctrine devides, so we just dont talk, much less teach about things that “offend “ people.

Bibles, yes Bibles- by the ton or by the bushel- but bibles carefully edited to promote a doctrineless feel goodedness that affirms our collective worth to please a feeble old god that mere smiles in his rocking chair, then absent mindedly nodds of as we go do what we please.

After all, as long as we show up in church occasionally, put some change in the offering plate for those orphans in Africa- or Detroit, (whatever) we're good . After all, we're members of the universal church. We joined the church so we're all going to heaven .. After all, only those dangerous al quida like fundimentalists, you know those who spew hate speech with every breath, pretend to believe in that hell stuff.. And only because they want to deny the civil inherant rights .of every person to do as they feel need do.

I was wondering where I can find all these things in my Bible. After all, they are tought in most churches. Perhaps in the Gospel to the Athenians chapter 6 page three.. Or perhaps Socraties chapter nine. Most assuredly in Marx chapter one. That part about Revolution theology in the Gospel of Lenin is particularly enlightening. I will have to print it out and send it to the brethren in Detroit. I'm sure they will make good use of it.

The religious leaders in the World council of Churches are talking about that grand day when all the Churches will return to the Roman mother Church Just as soon as the goddess mother Earth removes

all of these extreemist hateful religious bunch that are retarding out leap to nirvana. Only then can we all unite in a thousand years of light, brotherhood and peace under the benovelant gaze of the coming World Ruler and his Prophet.

Are you looking for him to come?

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