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Brackett Genealogy

Stories of Colonial Maine.
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Era 1699  Kittery Maine houses traced from town reccords
See sketch of Kittery town 1699 at the bottom of the page :)


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Origion of the name "Brackett"
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It is now quite certain that  my ancestor is Anthony Brackett an early 1630's Maine settler possibly born in 1613 in Norfolk, England or Scotland. He  died 1696 in Sandy Beach (Rye), NH . Reccords from my cousin Warren in Jan 06  confirm this . I am still  looking for the exact link in the 1770 to 1800 generation. my confirmed ancestor  Jacob  Brackett  was  born  8 nov 1800 Berwick,York, Maine There are several possibilities as to which Brackett was his father.
Any help would be helpfull.
See also this page
From archives of L.D.S. family research ctr
Microfische of Town of Berwick, York Co, Maine.AND www
Decendants of Anthony Brackett
Samuel Brackett    b: 27 Apr 1672 in Billerica, Middlesex, MA  d: 27 Apr 1752
  .....  +Elizabeth Botts  b: 1673  m: 25 Nov 1694 in Berwick, York, ME  d: 21 Apr 1753
  ....  4  Mary Brackett    d: 28 Feb 1773
  .......  +Thomas Tuttle 
  ....  4  Elizabeth Brackett 
  .......  +Samuel Abbott  m: Abt 1730 
  ....  4  Dorothy Brackett 
pp275  Samuel Brackett, Son of Samuel and Elizabeth Brackett born
            Sept 6 1695
....  4  Samuel Brackett  b: 6 Sep 1695 in Berwick, York, ME  d: 31 Dec 1786 in Kittery, ME
       +Sarah Emery  b: 4 Feb 1699/00 in Kittery, ME  m: 11 Aug 1720  d: 20 Dec 1742
      5  John Brackett  b: 29 Jun 1720 in Berwick, York, ME  d: 18 Feb 1830
          +Miriam Thompson  b: 26 Jan 1722/23  m: 4 Jul 1745  d: 2 Dec 1810
  ......  5  Isaac Brackett  b: 7 Oct 1722 
  ......  5  Samuel Brackett  b: 5 Aug 1724  
  ......  5  James Brackett  Sr   b: 22 Apr 1726  d: 1825
listed in the DAR Patriot index as having served in the regular ARMY
 ......  5  Joshua Brackett  b: 9 Jul 1728 
  ......  5  Mary Brackett  b: 2 Oct 1730  d: 16 May 1798
  ......  5  Elizabeth Brackett  b: 20 Feb 1732/33  d: 1821
  ......  5  Jacob Brackett  b: 8 Nov 1737  d: 18 Nov 1739
  ......  5  Joseph Brackett  b: 7 Apr 1739  d: 7 Nov 1742
  ......  5  Sarah Brackett  b: 15 Nov 1742  d: 4 Mar 1825
  ....  *2nd Wife of Samuel Brackett: 
  .......  +Abigail Banfield  m: 13 Sep 1743  d: Sep 1789
pp 5     (paid) to Elizabeth Brackett for sweeping the meeting house
             5 months        00/06/8         year 1703
pp275   Samuel Brackett and Sarah Emery m 8/11/1723
pp 238     John Brackett  bought 15 acres of land from William Lahane
             of Kittery, Maine
SECCOND BOOK of reccords
pp 15   may 26 1750   Highway and land purchase,   per  John Marrell
            Moses Butler, Samuel Brackett
pp 80    Land contract,  John Brackett,  Isaac Brackett, Joshua Brackett
pp84    Voted Joshua  Brackett, Surveyor of lands
pp 90    3/15/1762  Voted  James Brackett- Constable and ?? for year
pp 97    James brackett, juror
pp107   Voted Joshua Brackett, Lot Layer
pp118  Voted  Joshua Brackett,  Lot Layer
pp 124   Constable James Brackett, to notify all freeholders  to town
              meeting to raise money for schools and etc...
pp 137,  Joshua Brackett, signed land survey
pp  137 on 3/1768, Voted Joshua Brackett Lot layer
pp 146   Notified James Brackett, Constable, to call Town Meeting
              concerning  The Town of Boston,
              "the very alarming circumstances to which this provence
              as well as America is reduced"
pp 147   "The town, takeing into consideration the melancholy 
               alarming and distressing circumstances of this province very
                senseably feels , allmost every individual, in it.The distress
               brought upon the provence by ye new regulations takeing
               place amoung us by ye late acts of parliment imposeing duties
               and The intimidation by his Excellantcy the Govenor has       
               given the town of boston......"..... to pp149
pp 182    Town meeting to be called Feb 10th 1772 to raise money for 
               schools, highways, etc
pp 194/5  "We the Subscribers freeholders and inhabitants of the town of
                 Berwick apprehending that by some late acts of the Brittish
                 Parliment for raiseing revenue in north America ....."
                 ".....expressing their sentiments upon this alarming occasion,
                  and instruct their representitives as to his conduct in the 
                 General Court...."  (in 1772)
                 attest : James, Isaac and Samuel Brackett and 17 others 
pp 196/7   "A meeting of the freeholders and inhabitants of Berwick
                  jan 2 1773."..concerning the taxing imposed by Parliment
pp216/7    Town Meeting Jan 3 1774 on Taxes by Parliment, The tax on tea,
                 the East India co. 
pp 251/2   Town Meeting May 29,1775  Voted to send one deligate to the
                  Provincial Congress...AND A petition to the Deligates of the
                  Previncial Congress.......AND "that the officers of the Milita
                  Companies assemble their companies together and collect
                  an account of all the arms amd ammunition..."
pp 262/3    "June 1776  In Full Meeting  made for the purpose and holding
                  an adgudgement on the 15th instant to instruct the representatives
                  of the town of Berwick should the Honorable Congress for
                  the safety of the colonies declare themselves independant of Great
pp 263    August 5th 1776 "Voted;  that each man who shall enlist and
               go to Boston or Roxbury shall recieve of the town 12 
               shillings lawfull money   "      
pp 411  James Brackett Jr m Anna Stillings    Dec 23  1773
listed in the DAR Patriot index as as served in the regular ARMY
pp223  Daniel Brackett m  Mary Andrews  Oct 29 1774
pp223  Joshua Brackett voted
pp224  Miles Brackett m  Lydia Keay  Jan 25 1775
pp228  Samuel Brackett,  freeholder
pp268  DECLARATION of  INDEPENDENCE  transcribed in reccord
pp270   York,SS.  To Mark Lord, one of the Constables of Berwick,
Greetings in the name of the colony and people.  You are hereby required
to notify all the male inhabitants of Berwick from 21 years old and upwords
to assemble themselves together at the meeting house in the south parrish of
said town in monday the 14th of Oct at 2 oclock in the afternoon then and
there to take into consideration the request of the great and general court
and derermine wether they will give their concent that the house of
representation of this state of Massachusetts Bay together with the counis
shall consult, agree on and enact such a constitution and form of govt for
this state as the said representation and council on the fullest and most mature
delibewration shall judge most conduce to the safety peace and happiness
to this state and all affair encressions and generations and to pass any vote
or votes relative to the premises as said inhabitants may then think propper .
and you are to make return of this warrent at the time and place within mentioned. Given under our hands and seals at Berwick Sept 26th 1776
                                                      James Warren jr
                                                      James Brackett         selectmen
                                                      Dominicn Goodman
At a general meeting of the Burgesses, Freemen and Inhabitants of the town of Berwick in the county of York ,within the state of Massachusetts Bay, on the 14th of Oct 1776 due warning being given of the same.
Agreeable to the resolve of the Honorable House of Representation for the
said state, of the 17 day of Sept last, to know the minds of the good people of each town within this state wherher the present house of representatives
together with the councils of this state if they concent to join shall prepare a
constitution and form of government for this state. After due deliberations thereon, we the inhabitants aforesaid do consent and agree (nemine contract-
icente ) that a form of constitution of government be so far prepared as that the same may be made public for the revisal and approbation of this and all other towns within this state before the same be enacted and passed into
constitutional law.
We cannont nor are we able at this critical junction dictate or perscribe any plan of govt for a free and independant state solely relying on you the grand council of this once happy colony now duly assembled as representation of
the good people, but would most respectfully desire that what ever form of
government may be framed may be the most easy and plain to be
understood by the people of all denominations whereby a line may be drawn
that the ruler and the ruled may know there duty and that tyrany on the one
hand and anarchy on the other hand may be avoided as much as possible.
         Attest...  Nahum Marchall , Town Clerk
6th day of dec 1776, the townsman were assembled to raise taxes to recruit a milita for 3 months to protect the people ( paraphrase 20 lines of text)
                                                   Dominiens Goodwin
                                                   James Brackett             selectmen
                                                   John Keamilton jr
May 17 1784
  Excerpt of letter to state representitive elect John Hill  from town council....
............ To obivate as much as possible the dangers that may arise in
consequence of the designs formed in various places to legitimate the return of absentees or royalists (so called) into this commonwealth and to restore to them their justly forfeted estates have made it necessary . The notions of a royalist attached as he is to a monarchal govt are diametrically opposed to the ideas of a republican who places the govt in the hands of the people. This being the case, it is fully manifest that there is an evident disagreement in prin-
ciple between these two, and where there is a disagreement between men in principle they cannot possibly associate. There is no concord between a tory and a whig, nor considered in a political view,  can they ever both live peaceably together in the same society, being activated by opposite motives, and different interests and melinnations. the whole tennor of their conduct must be unaviodably repugnent to each other. So that a royalist whose conduct is guided by his principles must necessarially act in opposition to the constitution of this Commonwealth. ..........total is about 3 pages long !!!

1672 Samuel Brackett    b: 27 Apr 1672 in Billerica, Middlesex, MA  d: 27 Apr 1752

1695 4  Samuel Brackett  b: 6 Sep 1695 Son of Samuel and Elizabeth Brackett born in Berwick, York, ME  d: 31 Dec 1786 in Kittery, ME

1723 pp275   Samuel Brackett and Sarah Emery m 8/11/1723

1750 pp 15   may 26 1750   Highway and land purchase,   per  John Marrell

            Moses Butler, Samuel Brackett

1724 5  Samuel Brackett  b: 5 Aug 1724  

1772) attest : James, Isaac and Samuel Brackett and 17 others 

Jacob Brackett

Birthplace: Berwick, York, Maine, United States
Death: Died
Place of Burial: Detroit Village Cemetery, Detroit, Somerset, Maine, United States
Immediate Family:

Son of Samuel Brackett and Susan Brackett
Husband of Hannah Brackett
Father of Charles Chase Brackett; Irene M Brackett; Ansel W Brackett; Martha J Brackett and Hartwell J Brackett
Brother of Asa Brackett and Charles Brackett
Half brother of Samuel Brackett; Susan BRACKETT; Jane BRACKETT; Miles BRACKETT; John BRACKETT and 17 others

1840/50 census Somerset county (Detroit) Maine (formerly Kennebeck co. area)
           No listing for Jacob Brackett
1860  Census  Detroit  Maine
                    Jacob  Brackett  59 b 8 nov 1800 Berwick,York, Maine
                                                   d 22 oct 1882 Detroit Maine (www)
                    Hannah 52
              children:     Charles L  31
                                Irene M     29
                                Ancil W    27
                                MARTHA  J  26 ( liveing with brother
                                                             Daniel in  1900 !!!)
                                Hartwell J      24
1870  Census  Detroit  Maine
                    Jacob Brackett  69
                    Hanna  Brackett  62
       next listing
                    Daniel Brackett   44
                    Irena  Brackett    40
           children:   Florence  dau   1
1880 Census Detroit Maine
                       Jacob  Brackett  80 yrs
                       Hannah  Brackett  72 yrs
                       Martha J  , daughter,  45
          next listing
                       Daniel Brackett   55
                       Irena  Brackett    49
                  children:  Flosey, dau, 11
                                 Lou  F          9   !!! exact match !!!
1900 census reccords Detroit Maine
Daniel Brackett b 1825  now 75 yrs  m Irena M b 1830  now 69
              children, 3 -2 liveing
                            Lewis F.   b 1871,  now 29 yrs
                            Daniel's sister Martha  73 yrs liveing with them
1910  census   Detroit,  Maine
Lewis F. Brackett  b 1871   m  Martha Clark  
                                                            (She was Myrtle Hanscom's sister
                                                                            Charley ( had 6 boys) )
                         Elmer  Francis  b dec 6 1906  now 3
                         Irene  M          b        1908  now 2
                         Donald       later !!!
                         Pauline       later  !!!
                         Virginia      ??       m Carl Chase,  Easton Mass
                                             Linda,   Marilyn, Susan
                   1930 census
Cant yet find Louis/ Lewis  Brackett  in 1930 census  (7/05)
Martha  Brackett         b 1886, living in  City of Barnstable Mass
Elmer F Brackett         b 1907                     """
Irene      Brackett         b 1909                    """
Virginia A Brackett       b 1915                    """
Pauline C Brackett        b 1917                    """
Donald A Brackett        b 1928                    """
Elmer Francis Brackett   m  Angie Crocker    1/24/47
          children ;  Lewis Harry  Brackett  b 1948
Picture is Grandfather Lewis, Grandmother Martha, Her sister Zella standing...
children: Zella's Daughter Ellen, then My Father Elmer, then Aunt Irene


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