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Hanscom Genealogy

From the Hanscom family book by Aunt Kay Crocker, edited by Cousin Connie Rand

1. William I of England (William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy) and Matilda of Flanders

2. Henry I Beauclerc and Edith of Scotland

3. Matilda, Princess of England and Geoffrey V Plantagenet

4. Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine

5. John Lackland Plantagenet and Isabella DeTaillefer

6. Henry Plantagenet and Eleanor Berenger

7. Edward I Plantagenet and Eleanor of Castile

8. Edward Plantagenet and Isabella DeFrance

9. Edward III Plantagenet and Philippa D Avesnes

10. Edmund King of England and Isabel Perez

11. Richard Plantagenet and Anne Mortimer

12. Richard Plantagenet and Cecily Neville

13. Edward King of England and Elizabeth Wayte

14. Elizabeth Plantagenet and Thomas Lumley

15. Sibill Lumley and William Hilton

16. William Hilton and Margaret Metcalfe

17. William Hilton and Ellen Mainwaring

18. William Hilton and Mary

19. Alice Hilton and George Walton

20. Mary Walton and Samuel Robie

21. Mary Robie and William Tetherly

22. Mary Tetherly and James Staples

23. Samuel Staples and Elizabeth Mariner

24. Lucy Staples and Nathaniel Hanscom

25. Jeremiah Hanscom and Eleanor McLaughlin

26. Orin Hanscom and Martha Ann Hurd

27. Bertrand Edmund Hanscom and Ella Ida Crocker

28. Doris May Hanscom and Harry Clair Crocker,
My Mother's parents :)
Nathaniel was probably the son of Joseph and Dorcas (Staples) Hanscom,  
though Fogg's notes make him the son of Joseph and Lydia (Spinney)  
Hanscom. He was a shipwright and a Revolutionary War soldier and died  
in Eliot, Maine. (Old Kittery and Her Families.)

Nathaniel enlisted, or was drafted, August 1, 1776. He served as a  
private in Captain S. Leighton's company, Col. E. Francis' regiment,  
of the Massachusetts State Troops and was discharged November 30,  
1776. He enlisted February 20, 1777, for three years, serving as a  
private in Captain J. Donnel's company of the 12th Massachusetts  
Continental Infantry. He was in the company while it was at Valley  
Forge on January 22, 1778 and fought in the Battle of Monmouth. After  
being honorably discharged February 20, 1780, at Fishkill, NY, he  
either enlisted or was drafted on April 29, 1780, and served as a  
private in Captain T. Bragdon's company, Lt. Col. J. Prime's  
battalion, being discharged December 8, 1780. He was pensioned April  
1, 1818, receiving $96 a year, which was continued until his death. On  
July 4, 1820, Nathaniel was 63 years old and owned a house and land in  
Eliot, ME. In 1835, his widow Lucy, a resident of Eliot age 78,  
applied for State bounty. (Kittery and Eliot, Maine in the American  
Revolution, 1775-1783) (Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants Awarded  
by State Governments)

MOCA records show that Nathaniel and Lucy were married on Dec. 1, 1781.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Connie Rand <connie@randadvertising.com>
> Date: February 27, 2010 9:05:50 PM EST
> To: LewisBrackett <hhamlet@nethere.com>
> Subject: Family tree
> Hi Lewis,
> I've been doing a bit more work on our family tree, and have found that through Lucy Staples, wife of Nathaniel Hanscom, our 4th great grandfather. we have some very interesting relatives.
> How about Alfonso the Slobberer, one of the kings of Spain? Or Duncan the Diseased, King of Scotland? Or Aethelred the Unready, King of England? What a fascinating collection of people!
> It turns out that we are directly descended from William I of England (William the Conqueror), otherwise known as William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy, who invaded England in 1066.
> It gets easier to trace the family tree when you hit a royal family, since people tend to keep track of their kings and queens better than the common folk. I've even found out that William the Conqueror was about 5'10", a couple of inches taller than most men of his time. He was very healthy, but got quite fat as he grew older. The King of France at the time said that William looked like he was pregnant!
> We have ancestors from all over the place - many of the royal houses of Europe.
> Connie
138.        i.                 JOSEPH8 HANSCOM, b. January 30, 1783, Kittery, Maine; d.  
June 08, 1853, Lee, Maine.
          ii.                 JAMES HANSCOM, b. Abt. 1784; d. Eliot, Maine; m. CATHERINE  
HAMMOND, May 03, 1820; b. 1783.
          iii.                 APPHIA HANSCOM.
139.        iv.                 NATHANIEL HANSCOM, b. Abt. 1789.
          v.                 DEPENDENCE HANSCOM, b. Abt. 1791.
          Notes for DEPENDENCE HANSCOM:
"Died in the eastern country" according to Old Kittery and Her Families.

140.        vi.                 JEREMIAH HANSCOM, b. April 09, 1793, Kittery, Maine; d.  
February 08, 1870, Lee, Maine.
          vii.                 ESTHER HANSCOM, b. Abt. 1796; d. August 06, 1813.
          Notes for ESTHER HANSCOM:
Unmarried. (Old Kittery and Her Families.)

          viii.                 SIMON HANSCOM, b. Abt. 1798.
          ix.                 SUSAN/SHERAH HANSCOM.

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