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 Evidence in Science that Demands a Verdict
Evolution is a philosophy, NOT a Science
The purpose of this site is to show Scientific evidences for faith. From the very smallest things observeable under the microscope to the greatest things from the Hubble telescope, these ALL shout the majesty of the awesome  artist and creator, our GOD.  Enjoy !  Lewis
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Truth is not a personal decision. Whether its true to YOU is irrelevant.........Truth, like the law of Gravity, just IS

There are two world views prevelant today. The first world views says “I believe “it” because its True” This has absolute laws of truth, math and physics.

The second world view is “Its true because I believe it”. This second world view has no objective truth in philosophy or science .

The presupposition of evolution violates the most basic laws of Mathematical numbers theory; the law of probabilities; as well as the Second Law of Thermodynamics which is the law of ever increasing chaos in all systems.

This is most evident in the rapid decay of data in ALL information storage systems.

Apollo 11

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November 2004.

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