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Home Defense

To Protect your home / family

Simple home defense shotgun !
Doors and windows; keep THEM out !
Alarm that calls You !
Better sprays !

The most simple shotgun is a close relitive of the "bang stick"  that divers use against sharks. The bang stick is merely a stick with a nail embedded in its end to detonate the primer cap of the shotgun shell which is held in a pipe glued to the stick........  its very nasty and effective- reasonably safe to use........  and you have a neet club to hit the shark with too !!!
The most simple shotgun is safer and even more effective at a six foot range.  You merely slide the shotgun shell into the end of a piece of pipe-- I use a 20 gage shell inside a 12 inch long 1/2 inch pipe--
You then slide this pipe inside a bang stick made with a one inch pipe, making up the difference by wrapping the smaller pipe with duct tape.
this detonates the shotgun shell safely inside TWO pipes, throwing out a blast of pellets blowing away your attacker, making a long division solution to your problem....... :)  cheap, small and effective....
I generally reload 50 grains of Black Powder in the shells to make them even safer ....
Tear Gass/ Pepper spray  the size of one half gallon  soda bottles are available on the internet.  like at
it is simple to make a Spud Gun shooting 3/8 or half inch bullets at great velocity using campstove size propane cylinders for fuel.
plans on request, $5....
Doors and Windows   most thugs come in through doors and windows.
If you have your alarm on your door, the thug is ALLREADY inside your home  harming your family before the alarm goes off, the police merely take away the dead bodies ....  The alarm should be on the outer door with the inner door having a lock that cant be broken in, bolted through a metal doorjam.
Most windows can easily be lifted quickly UP and taken OUT !!!  go look !!!  slide strips of wood above your windows so they cant be quietly lifted out .........  Bars can be easily set into any window jam by drilling holes -top and bottom-to greatly slow down or discourage any thug.
These things BUYS YOU TIME if a thug tries to break in !!!
have a peephole in your door you can spray pepper spray through !!!

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