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My Saw Table  :)
I live in a trailer park so space is at a premium.  And small cheap tablesaws dont do a good job anyway ....... 
This is far safer than any table saw !!!
And you can safely cut short pieces !!!

I screwed scrap 2x2s into 2'x4' scrap 3/4" plywood
And stiffined it with a 2x3"
I screwed on a piece of wood THE SAME THICKNESS
as what I wanted to cut (3/4")


I set the old piece of 3/4 I wanted to cut on the table.
I clamped the fence on top of both pieces after measureing the exact cut to be made. The fence holds down the piece to be cut.
THE FENCE MUST BE LONGER than the piece to be cut so you can start and end the cut straight !!!
I set the saw at 3/4"  which just barely cut through the board. and ran the saw through it. When you set the fence right you will get an accurate cut.
When you need to cut an 8ft long piece you use a slightly LONGER FENCE....or just spend a few minutes setting up an 8 ft long saw table on a scrap piece of plywood  :)   Enjoy, Lewis




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